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Clothing Stamps by Onyx ink INFANT SIZE

Clothing Stamps by Onyx ink INFANT SIZE

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This set includes NB, 0 to 3M, 3 to 6M, 6 to 9M, 9 to 12M, 12 to 18M and 18 to 24M.  All Size stamps are handmade from wooden blocks approximately 3/4" x1" in size. A finger groove on either side ensures the stamp can be firmly and comfortably held to make the stamping process easier. 

First Use & Techniques

When stamping please make sure that you are using a permanent ink that is designed for clothing.  Always follow the ink manufacturer's instructions and test on a scrap piece of fabric first.

We always recommended stamping on a piece of paper for the first couple of times to get used to the stamp and for accuracy. Over stamping can happen if over-inked and pushing too hard.

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