Easy & Fun Way to up your Sewing Game

Easy & Fun Way to up your Sewing Game

How do strike sewists occasionally hit the strike jackpot and make that show stopping strike? Well let me tell you (for the most part) not by themselves! Secondly, this is something you could do right now to improve your makes.

So now we know strike sewing is rarely a completely solo experience. Some rounds you receive your print and instantly know what it should become. Other rounds, not so much. Often sewing a show stopping make is not one person taking an idea straight through to fruition.

This beautiful make by Ally is a perfect example of "team work makes the dream work". This idea actually originated in Kim's head, to make a cute crop top and leg warmers to go with gymnastics/dance leotard. Since Kim was off this round (prepping for the November and December) she mentioned this idea to Ally. Ally immediately loved it.

Since Ally's daughter can never have too many tutu's/leotards Ally went to work planning this make. She picked the perfect fabric and patterns to bring this idea to life, in her own expert way.

Photo of the back of the make

But of course in the strike world no matter how good your idea is, or how perfectly you can sew a tutu, pictures are the final ingredient of the perfect show stopper strike. This is where Danielle truly shines. Low light, a model that can't (refuses to) stand still, Danielle can capture the most beautiful photos and make it look easy. So, Danielle happily used her expertise to capture this beautiful make in the way it deserved.

So whether you are a strike sewist or just wanting to up your sewing game a bit for your friends/family/business, finding a group of sewists to bounce ideas off of can be super rewarding whether you just started sewing or having been sewing forever.

So how can Northern Fabric help with this? (Unfortunately, there isn't room for everyone to join our strike team).  Join our Facebook group - Northern Fabric Fam!

You will find a wonderful community of sewists with all levels of sewing experience and backgrounds. It is an inclusive, encouraging community that we are sure you will absolutely love! We have monthly challenges to win fabric (seriously what better prize is there?). Feel free to ask questions, show off your makes and help others by encouraging and answering some questions. Everyone is welcome in the fam!

Strike outfit photo

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